Speech, Language, Literacy & Feeding Therapy for Children

Sweetest video and note from a little client!

Hi Sam and Rachel Thank you for telling Mummy and Daddy how to best feed me with all my little challenges. I LOVE… Posted by Michelle Jensen on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sight words success

Sight words are vital for developing fluency in reading – and they can be the bane of a parent’s existence after the first flush of excitement of starting to learn to read settles down! The pressure that comes with trying to keep up with the expectations for reading progress can get in the way of …Continue reading

10 Common Myths about Speech and Language Development

Well-meaning parents and friends love to give advice about your child and how to support their speech and language development, but how do you know what’s true and what’s simply an old wives’ tale? Here we break down a few of the common things parents are told about speech and language development and give you …Continue reading

Foundations for Communication

As Speech Pathologists, there might be moments where the things we do in therapy sessions may surprise or confuse parents. To the untrained eye therapy sessions may look like we’re not accomplishing much, just having some fun playing together. This can be especially frustrating when you have come to speech therapy because your child’s not …Continue reading

Toy Tales

This simple idea is lots of fun, encourages imagination, teaches oral language and literacy skills and results in a special home-made book your child can treasure for years to come. All you need is a smart phone or a camera. The child helps to take photos of their favourite toy/s in little activity scenes such …Continue reading

10 Tips for Supporting Language Development at Home

If you are concerned about your child’s language development the best thing you can do is see a Speech Pathologist. But perhaps it’s not possible for you to access support immediately, but you’d like to be doing something while you wait. Maybe you have a child who you feel could benefit from just little bit …Continue reading

Help us find “Toowoomba’s Favourite Children’s Book” – vote now!

In conjunction with the Toowoomba library we are on the hunt for Toowoomba’s favourite children’s book. The nominations are in and now we need your vote so we can find out which book is the winner! It only takes 5 secs – choose your favourite (or favourites if you can’t narrow it down to just one). …Continue reading

Parents, YOU are the expert! (aka “The mysterious case of the red spaghetti server”)

I had the privilege of helping babysit my nephews the other day. It’s always fun hanging out with my sibling’s kids and it amazes me how different they all are. When my sister and I asked if the boys had any particular sleep routines I was surprised when my brother almost reverently handed over something …Continue reading

Easy way to help a child understand other’s perspectives

Just thought I’d share a little trick I’ve used a few times now to help children who can’t understand that someone else might have different priorities to them and therefore might feel differently about the same situation. It has been really useful in particular for high functioning ASD students in their relationships with peers, teachers …Continue reading

Story Time in the Park – free community event this Friday!

We’ve been proud to support our fabulous local library together with First Five Forever in this fantastic series of community storytelling events. Our team have had heaps of fun and met some new friends. The good new is…it’s on again this Friday 5th February at Laurel Bank Park. If weather is looking less than ideal we …Continue reading

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