Speech, Language, Literacy & Feeding Therapy for Children

December, 2015

Joining words together – 3 strategies to help your child use two word phrases

When children are using lots of single words, they may need some help to learn how they can put words together to make short sentences. There are also a number of different types of two word phrases. As a quick refresher for those of you who can’t remember school English a noun is a naming …Continue reading

How Children Learn to Read

 This post will be decidedly more technical than most of our articles but we feel it’s a vitally important subject area for parents and teachers to understand despite it’s complexity so pardon the jargon (we’ve tried to explain terms throughout for you)! Learning how to read requires several skills working together in a complex, harmonious …Continue reading

The value of play

According to Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research”. If we want our children to figure out the world we need to allow them time and space to play in a variety of ways. Beyond that though we also need to teach our children HOW to play. Earlier this year I attended a workshop …Continue reading

Help your child learn to eat (and enjoy!) vegetables

        I came across a really interesting new study this year investigating how parents can help their children learn to eat a disliked vegetable. They compared the following five groups: A control group that didn’t get any intervention Parents presented the vegetable every day Parents presented the vegetable every day and modelled eating that …Continue reading