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The hidden dangers of silent reading

“Reading is good for you!” I hear you say, “How could it possibly be dangerous!?” Well there are 2 main dangers I see: Reading silently results in poorer comprehension even for mature readers (see reference below). Practicing a skill incorrectly means you will get better at doing the task incorrectly therefore systemic decoding errors are …Continue reading

Irlen syndrome, coloured lenses and reading: the facts

The lure of the lens When a parent or teacher is watching a child struggle to read, and dealing with tears every night at homework time, the promise of an easy cure and simple diagnosis is alluring. One of these promised cures is the use of coloured lenses or coloured transparent overlays to address visual sensitivity or …Continue reading

Specific Learning Disorders and Dyslexia – making sense of jargon

We often get asked by parents and teachers who are worried about a child’s reading difficulties, “do they have dyslexia?”. Others ask, “is he just lazy?”. In an attempt to help everyone make sense of the terms used to describe different types of learning difficulties and the underlying causes we’ve summarised this and provided explanations of …Continue reading

Teachers need help to teach literacy

The Problem with Reading It’s estimated that between 10% to 16% of children aged from five to 16 years will have reading difficulties such as dyslexia and inadequate comprehension skills. For these students, regular literacy teaching will be insufficient. They need alternative teaching pathways. Despite numerous initiatives, such as the Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership, …Continue reading

Hope for parents of picky eaters

It’s on again! Transforming Picky Eaters into Peaceful Feeders – the parent workshop with a twist. After a sell-out workshop event last year we are once again opening the doors to help you learn how to stop table tantrums, manage mealtime meltdowns and nourish your child who struggles to eat or refuses foods. Trying to parent …Continue reading

Parents of picky eaters deserve accurate information

Lookout world Rachel's Rant ahead! I had yet another discussion with yet another parent whose child is a picky eater…. Posted by Rachel Tosh on Monday, March 28, 2016

The importance of customer feedback

We are lucky in Toowoomba to have a wide variety of medical and allied health services that deliver excellent care, but none of us can improve if we don’t get feedback. We’ve had some new families choose us to help their children recently and these parents have commented on how different our service was to some other …Continue reading

Sweetest video and note from a little client!

Hi Sam and Rachel Thank you for telling Mummy and Daddy how to best feed me with all my little challenges. I LOVE… Posted by Michelle Jensen on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sight words success

Sight words are vital for developing fluency in reading – and they can be the bane of a parent’s existence after the first flush of excitement of starting to learn to read settles down! The pressure that comes with trying to keep up with the expectations for reading progress can get in the way of …Continue reading

Toy Tales

This simple idea is lots of fun, encourages imagination, teaches oral language and literacy skills and results in a special home-made book your child can treasure for years to come. All you need is a smart phone or a camera. The child helps to take photos of their favourite toy/s in little activity scenes such …Continue reading

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