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Exciting new service: Unique Child Educational Experiences

We are proud (and very excited) to announce that the amazingly talented Jane Loveday (teacher by background) will soon be offering uniquely tailored educational experiences for children to help them learn how to learn. Described as a “whole classroom and curriculum tailored to one unique child”. Jane will guide your child to learn how to learn, step by step. This isn’t tutoring or teaching or therapy, it’s a holistic educational experience specifically designed for your child’s personal needs and preferences. She is amazing with children with ASD, ADHD, SPD etc and will be offering this unique service from our rooms at Chatterbugs soon.

Jane will also be offering consulting services to help train teachers and school staff in how to help your individual child to learn and participate more fully. If anyone is interested just send us an email at [email protected] and we can provide some more details. These services will be such an asset to our community and are sorely needed for “those children”. Maybe your child is one of “those children”. The kids that try their hardest but struggle to fit into a system that doesn’t work for them. The kids that the teacher just doesn’t seem to understand. The kids whose behaviour is communicating something but others can’t see through it to the feelings behind. We believe “those children” have something special to contribute to the world and deserve to learn how to learn and to love learning like any other child. Jane has the heart, skills and experience to be able to reach and understand what children need and then create an environment where they can succeed and take small steps that create giant leaps forward.

Jane incorporates exactly what the child needs across all curriculum and developmental areas (eg gross motor, social/emotional) and then integrates that into fun, spontaneous child focused learning activities. The result is that kids learn and learn to love learning. Ever wished you had a whole class designed specifically for your child? That’s exactly what Jane does.

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