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The importance of customer feedback


We are lucky in Toowoomba to have a wide variety of medical and allied health services that deliver excellent care, but none of us can improve if we don’t get feedback.

We’ve had some new families choose us to help their children recently and these parents have commented on how different our service was to some other health services they had experienced in other locations. I hope that the experiences they relayed were rare experiences but the feedback they’ve provided on our service has helped us to know how we can continue to improve our service.

We encourage families to provide as much feedback as possible to their health service providers because we know from firsthand experience that it makes a real difference and often if there’s an issue there’s a simple solution we can easily put in place if we only know there is a problem. Sometimes people only provide feedback when they have a complaint to make so were were extremely grateful to these clients for providing feedback on the things they loved. This helps us to know what to keep doing or to do more of.

Here are 3 things we are continuing to focus on at Chatterbugs because our clients love it:

1. Parents get the answers they need. One mother related how with many medical and health appointments she feels like she answers a barrage of questions from the professional but that then her questions don’t get clearly answered in return. She said, “I love Chatterbugs’ Simple Steps Plan that outlines exactly where are are, where we are going and the first steps to get there.” For every new assessment we complete a Simple Steps Plan so you can feel confident with exactly what is being recommended and why as well as being armed with a strategy/activity you can start immediately that will help your child on their path to success.

2. Team treatment for better care. As a dedicated group of paediatric speech pathologists from different backgrounds with lots of further training and professional development under our belts we know there’s often more than one answer to a question. We actively discuss and problem solve each child’s unique needs to ensure we are providing the best possible care. We believe that we are smarter and more creative than any individual therapist not because of our individual brilliance but because of our collective wisdom and experience. Parents have been pleasantly surprised when they have found an extra therapist invited into the room to help problem solve a specific challenge. Regardless of which of our dedicated professionals you see, we will provide the best possible care as a team.

3. Parents are treated as experts. Said one parent, “In the past I’ve felt like no-one was listening to me but (Chatterbugs therapist name) was different. She kept asking me what I thought and what I’d noticed until I felt like she really understood me and my child.” Our therapists might be experts on communication, literacy and feeding but you as the parent will ALWAYS be the expert on your child. Let’s work together and combine those strengths to help your child achieve their unique potential.

We appreciate any feedback and are confident other service providers would too.

If there’s something you love, tell us so we can do it more. If there’s something you are not happy with, tell us so we can find a solution.

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