Welcome to our newest team member Bethany. You may have already met Bethany as she has been training with us as a Allied Health Therapy Assistant (AHA) over the past three months and is now available for therapy sessions.

AHA sessions are billed at approximately half the price of our regular therapy rates. Your child will still have a dedicated speech pathologist who is responsible for goal setting and monitoring of therapy progress. You will see your therapist for a review consultation at a pre-determined frequency (eg monthly or once a term) depending on your child’s needs and regular therapy sessions will be provided by the AHA. This provides a cost effective way to access more therapy for many families and we are very excited to be able to offer this new service delivery option. Please note that at this stage AHA sessions are not eligible for rebates under Medicare or most private health insurance so please consider this factor when making decisions regarding your child’s care.

If you are interested in accessing AHA sessions for your child please discuss this with your therapist.